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This is a suite of transactional services that allows you to check flight schedules and space availability, make bookings, submit and print air waybills, print barcode labels, file and track claims, communicate with key people, automatically be notified on shipment status, and track each consignment through every stage of its journey.

The flydubai Cargo website enables everyone involved at any point in the entire logistics chain to extract, update and share information swiftly and securely.

Track Shipment

Track and trace by air waybill number or job reference number (JRN) the current status of your shipments. Track up to 10 shipments at a time.


Check flydubai's flight schedules. Schedules are available for all operation types (passenger, freighter, charter and trucks).


Check space availability on any flydubai flight. This includes all types of operations (passenger flights, freighter flights, charter flights and trucks).


Make bookings online and create booking templates for your recurring bookings as well as get shipment progress notifications proactively.

Air Waybill

Submit full air waybill, house waybill information to flydubai Cargo and upload shipment related documents, enabling distribution to any other party in the transportation system.

Print Barcode Label

Print industry standard bar-coded labels on a general laser printer or a SATO barcode label printer. Get your copy of the Barcode Label Printing software (laser printing only) here.